Usage Guides

Photo of parallax scribbler robot with the IPRE dongle attached

Our Educational Robot

Our personal robot for education has three parts:

  1. An off-the-shelf Scribbler robot from Parallax (available here);
  2. A special plug in "dongle" that additionally provides color vision, IR range sensing, internal voltage sensing, and an extra bright LED that can be controlled from software. The dongle will be available commercially in February 2008 for approximately $60.
  3. A bluetooth device on your PC. If you don't have one built in, we recommend this one.
from myro import *
while True:
if getObstacle("right"):
backward(1, .1)
turnLeft(0.7, .1)
elif getObstacle("left"):
backward(1, .1)
turnRight(0.7, .1)

Our Software

Myro, short for My Robot, is software that enables you to easily program your own personal robot. Myro is Python-based, and it includes many features and functions for controlling the IPRE robot platforms.