SerialIO Standard BlueSnap Serial to Bluetooth Adapter Setup  

Note: This adapter can only be used at 9600 baud. This requires some modifications to scribbler_server.bs2 and the MSRS service.

One time setup / TA Instructions

  1. Use the dip switches on the outside of the device to set the baud rate to 9600
    1. Only switch 4 needs to be be changed from off to on. All other switches should stay off.
  2. Open the case and change the jumpers to look like this:
    BlueSnap Jumper Configuration


Re-pairing / Student Instructions

  1. Turn on scribbler with adapter plugged in.
    1. The green LED and yellow LED should both be blinking. If the Yellow LED is not blinking, restart the Scribbler.
  2. Do the standard windows pairing.
    1. The device will show up as BlueSnapXP-XXXX where the XXXX will be the 4 characters written on the chip on the inside of the device.
    2. Make sure a com port number is assigned. Go to the "Properties" window for that device, then under the services tab, make sure the "generic serial" profile is checked.
  3. Now connect to robot with MSRS, Myro, or HyperTerminal.
    1. IMPORTANT: Before connecting to the robot with MSRS, always make sure that the robot is freshly restarted.
    2. When connected, the green LED will be constant on.